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  • What do i need?

    I have a standard computer monitor and no power supply for my computer. I am running an AMD 64 proccessor and 1gb ram and a 80 gig hdd. I am trying to determine if i can run everything off of a dc-dc, or if i need an inverter for the monitor anyways should i just run everything off of that. Just trying to figure out which way is smarter before i buy.

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    DC-DC > inverter, always. There are power consumption calculators floating around. Find out how much its gonna use and get a dc-dc which can handle it.


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      i have tried to find a schematic of one i can build. I am not anywhere near where i can get mail sent to me yet. But i do have access to a lot of elect components. Is there a way i can just build this thing myself?


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        Its beyond me. Not sure if anybody has tired that... given how much they cost, its probably not worth the time and effort.


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          Search the forums for MAESTRO SPROGGY for a DIY PSU.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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