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Carnetix P2140 Firmware 1.8.3 BETA

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  • Carnetix P2140 Firmware 1.8.3 BETA

    I just wanted to let people know on this update because it covered one of my biggest needs. Secondary power control! (read on to understand what I mean)

    Here is the link to the carnetix forum.
    This is a BETA so please do not blame me or the carnetix guys if things don't work for you! Other than that everything works as advertised on my setup.

    Among other additions and updates they did the following:
    Revised the Secondary Off control to either follow Ignition or (SDLO) instead of PriOut. This will allow users to turn off their USB devices AFTER the computer (typically Mac mini) has entered Sleep mode so that they will be recognized when the computer wakes from sleep .
    I had this function simulated by en external timer up to now but this made thing way simpler. I use standby and this works very well because if the USBs like my touchsceen, WiFi stick, cameras, bluetooth and many more turn off before the PC goes on standby things don't work well in resume.
    I also have any unnecessary power consumers controlled by this so the system can be in standby but XMradio, LCD, KR1 router, some USBs(since my via powers the USBs in StandBy) cab be completely off (relay controlled).

    Also the low temperature threshold was something is was going to implement and here it is! (Yes Boston gets pretty cold!!)
    Will never be DONE! There is always something to add
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    great firmware update. Just updated my 2140(Been putting it off since it meant yanking it out.)

    I might use a pigtail extention on the bootloader jumper. That way I can trigger it while its still in the car.

    This also solves my "Device cannot start" issues I had with 1.4.x(1.4.4 still had the problem)

    Since we have similar setups i'd be interested in seeing your layout/setup.

    Also, mikeH has released a api sdk for psumoni! That means we can get roadrunner and other frontends to pull the info directly. Looking foward to that!
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