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Do i need an "intelligent" psu?

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  • Do i need an "intelligent" psu?

    Not quite sure how to name the title

    Basically, im in the process of building my carputer, and was looking to buy a m2-atx.

    As ive kept my headunit in my fabrication (radio/cd for short journeys) i dont want the pc to start auto. I want to place a power button to start it manually. But i do want an auto shutdown feature with turning off the ignition

    The question is: Do i need an "intelligent psu" like the m2-atx / opus etc. Is there a cheaper alternative as i only want the shutdown controller?


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    shutdown is part of the intelligent bit so yes you do have to if you want a shutdown controller. You could also use your button to shut it down of course but that isn't auto. What car power supply you could use that doesn't have a controller I have no idea.
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      You have a lot of options

      Easiest is a Startup/Shutdown controller with a switch on the ign/acc signal.

      You could control the psu with an instantaneous switch that is latched by the Ign/Acc signal. To do this you need some knowledge of /access to simple relay circuits.