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Help with OPUS 120W wiring

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  • Help with OPUS 120W wiring

    Before I do my install tomorrow I want to make sure I have all my T's crossed and I's dotted.

    I will be running a 10AWG wire from my car battery directly to the OPUS unit, while using a fuse of course. The OPUS has 16AWG wire coming from it, now here I will use a butt/twist connector to connect both the 16AWG and 10AWG wires together and not solder it, I'm not very good with soldering.

    Next I will run an 18AWG wire from the ignition switch, the same wire that I would call the "remote" wire if I were running an amp. directly to the OPUS.

    This is the only part of the entire install that concerns me because I dont want to connect a 10AWG wire directly to a 16AWG wire without knowing something important.

    Also, should I go 8AWG?

    If everything looks good let me know and wish my luck Saturday morning.

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    10 gauge should be sufficient....I ran 8 gauge. But just make sure you have the correct size fuse...dont over power/underpower.
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