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Carnetix to IBM T40 docking station II

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  • Carnetix to IBM T40 docking station II

    I am looking to do a laptop install using a IBM T40 connected to a docking station. I've red about the different power supply options and the Carnetix line seems to fit the bill. The problem I have is when the IBM T40 is connected in the docking station, it is power by what looks like an AC power cord. Would I still be able to use the Carnetix for this? Below is the pic of the dock, where it shows the 3 prong power socket on the left.

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    No, that dock appears to require an AC input, and wouldn't work with an DC-DC power supply. If you need a smaller t40 dock that will take DC input, let me know (PM me) and I'll see what I can do (I have 1 or 2).