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M1-ATX, not so good?

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  • M1-ATX, not so good?

    After reading the brief descriptions of the M1-ATX I though it would be then answer I was lookng for, however now I've got it it's not really much better than just using a normal switch.

    I previusly had an infill T3 wich behaved in the way you would expect, with out going into detail. It basically booted up or unsuspended when you turned the ignition on and then suspended when you turned it off. Also you could turn it on, shut it down or go into standby independantly and when you turned the ignition on or off it still carried out the appropriate action.

    However the M1-ATX seems to litteraly just pulse the power button whenever the ignition changes state, wich is totally useless!

    As soon as you use anything other than the ignition to turn the pc on or off, or you turn the ignition on or off before the pc has finishe dbooting or ****ting down the whole thing gets out of sync.

    e.g. You get in your car and the pc is off, put the ignition on and the pc comes on. Then you suspend the pc usiong streetdeck for example. When you turn your ignitiong off the pc comes back on!

    Does anyone do a PSU that actually works sensibly, I can't believe that someone would manufacture an in car PSU wiht this huge oversight.

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    So don't suspend your PC with the car running... why did you switch if you had something working?
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      The T3 went faulty and mp3 car would not replace it. And as for not suspending my car with the ignition on. Thats not the point. If you're going to build a microprocessor controlled in car PSU, you could at least do it properly.

      Anywa since then I've built my own controller and it works brilliently. I'm in the process of having it manufactred and will soon be selling it as an addon board the the M1/M2 PSUs.

      I'll post more info soon.