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sla m2-atx for onboard computer wifi bot

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  • sla m2-atx for onboard computer wifi bot

    hello all, my summer project was to make a wifi bot, im about halfway done with it, im starting on the on board computer and im using the m2-atx and i was wondering what you guys think about a good sla battery? (sealed lead acid)

    how much amp/hours would be good to do the job?

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    Well, what's your power draw in amps, and how long do you want to run it for (in hours). And there's your amp-hours answer. I'm really not trying to be rude, but sorry, it's not a question that anybody can really answer with the information you've posted so far.

    I hope you motor is powerful enough to move around a heavy battery (the more AH, the bigger it is).
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      yes motors have their own power bank of 2 12v 55ah sla's in series
      the motors are from a power chair
      the frame i welded strong enough for me to sit on and move at a good speed

      the computer is running off a separate battery bank. im not sure how much amps the computer setup will draw, but the m2atx is powering a p4 with 20gb hd and wireless card, thats about it maybe for a good hour

      *project thread*

      i haven't updated it in about a week but im about to real soon