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2001 Acura MDX constant 12v power outlet.

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  • 2001 Acura MDX constant 12v power outlet.


    Is there an easy way to convert any of the three 12v power outlets that are currently do not receive power while the car is turned off to one that receives constant power?


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    the easiest way would probably be to disconnect the lead for that socket, then run a FUSED wire from a constant source. this can be from the battery but may be a bit of a hassle & overkill for just a lighter socket that will probably only handle like 20 amps max. if you know what your doing then you could get that constant power in the dash either at the fusebox or ign switch, but don't just tap any wire that's hot unless you know exactly what it is. you will need to tap a large circiut so you don't overload it.
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      I need only to run a cell phone charger, what kind of amps will that pull, I was thinking of using something like this.

      Would it work?


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        I am a big fan of those "piggy back" style fuses. Although, they can be obtained cheaper at Autozone or similar store.

        Fuse size would be determined by the gauge wire you are using the the max current handled by the adapter.
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          geobag, do you still read this? i'm just wondering, since I have the same car and am working on a car computer for it... i haven't seen it done on this model..

          besides that, i usually just leave the key in to charge a battery.. and the car an be locked with a second set of keys.. I also have this jump starting pack that will jump start a car, and has a 12v power outlet that i used to charge my phone for weeks without even charging it back up... definitely an easier investment than custom wiring.