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PC rebooting when car is started.

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  • PC rebooting when car is started.

    I just installed my first setup in my car. Epia EN15000 and a Xenarc screen.
    I have extended the power button all the way to the front, so I can power the PC on and off from the drives seat.

    Anyway, if the PC is already on when I start my car, it will cut out, and reboot.
    I guess all the current from the battery is going to the starter, and there isn't enough to power the PC.

    Is this normal behaviour? Just want to make sure I've not dome something stupid, or that I've wired things incorrectly.

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    you need to have an "intelligent PSU" that is able to withstand the engine an OPUS or the M2ATX PSU...these are build specifically for car PC's

    edit: let me rephrase doesnt need to be an intelligent PSU...but it does need to be able to survive cranks which are as low as 7 intelligent PSU is one with an automatic shut-down controller
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      so these intelligent PSUs, will take the 7v (or whatever is left durring cranking) and still be able to make the 12v, 5v, and 3.3v ?


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          Usually I do not comment on these questions, but it would help you greatly to search before starting a thread. I do believe there is a forum specifically for newbies (yourself) that will help you a lot.
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            Additionally the vehicle charging system has an impact. They are not all created equal.

            Follow ThunderStick's advice.
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            Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

            Read the FAQ!


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              i fixed my by installing a 1 farad cap in line with the battery input.


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                Without intelligent PSU probably it`s better include before cap a diode ~ 20 Amps.
                It lowers 13 v to 12 v but holds it up, when engine side falls to 7 V.
                Best of course replace cap with small 12V battery.


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                  carnetix DC/DC PS will do the job, I have one and it works great.
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