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How much juice do I need?

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  • How much juice do I need?

    Ok, I'm embarresed to ask this question but here goes.

    How much power do I REALLY need for my carputer? Can I get away with 60W or do I need 250W? While I'm great with audio components and most micro-electronics, I have no idea how to measure the power consumption of my rig. Here's what I'm planning on running.

    Via C3 on a Shuttle FV25
    Herculese Fortismo II Soundcard
    256 MB RAM
    8X Toshiba Laptop DVD ROM
    60 GIG Maxtor Liquid Barring HD

    Everything else will/should have it's own power supply. I'm thinging I'll be ok with 60-90W. But I want to be sure before I purchase a DC/DC. Thanks fella's.

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    Cant say for sure, but to give a benchmark:

    AMD K6/2 500
    128mb SD133 RAM
    40gb 3.5"HD
    el-cheapo soundcard
    s3 savage graphics card
    GPS antenna
    RF remote antenna

    draws 75 watts at 5v.

    You might get away with a 90watt-er.
    (=========-) 99% complete
    AMD K6/2 500 @ 450mhz to keep heat and power usage down, 64Mb, slim CDrom drive, 64mb USB pendrive for MP3 transfer, 10Gb 2.5" drive for MP3, USB>RS232
    All jammed in external CDROM drive case.
    Kenwood KVC-1000r In-Dash LCD. x-10 MouseRemote. Destinator V2 Gps. DC-DC with onboard Shutdown controller.


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      Actually, based on what you've said, I think 90W might be over doing it. But that's good. Your AMD eats 4 times the power my C3 does. That saves me 30W right there.