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  • Opus Wiring

    I have an 80W Opus DC-DC PSU that I am drawing a wiring diagram for how it will power my carputer.

    Here are my questions. If someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.

    J1 - Input Power:

    There are 2 pins for GND; 2 pins for +BATT

    Is it correct to assume that BOTH GND pins AND BOTH +BATT pins must be connected?

    J8 - Output Power:

    There are 2 pins for +12V Output; 2 pins for +5V Output

    Is it correct to assume that there are two outputs of each for powering 2 devices? Example, my LCD could use ONE of the +12V Outputs while my carputer could use ONE of the +5V Outputs, leaving one each of the +5V and +12V pins disconnected?

    There are 4 GND pins. Is it correct to assume that only one needs to be connected for each +5V and +12V pins? Example: Carputer uses +5V, is it safe to only connect 1x +5V and 1x +5V pin?

    The reason why I ask is to see if Opus included two pins on each + supply for current capacity. The total output on the +5V is 8A, is this 4A for each pin or can I pull 8A from one while leaving the other disconnected?


    EDIT - Does the 5 and 12V output remain on after the PSU has shut down the computer or do those turn off too after the shutdown delay? I want to connect my monitor to it, but don't want it to continue to receive power.