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Powering a Projector through my car

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  • Powering a Projector through my car

    I'm going to start off with saying that I'm pretty new to a lot of this, so sorry if I ask some stupid questions.

    What I want to do is set up a projector at the festival to entertain ourselves and the crowd at night. We try and out do ourselves every year we go and last year we brought a big 15' water trampoline to float on the river which was a blast. This year I thought we'd try kick it up a notch and see if we could put on a show late nights after the concert is over, showing some family guy and planet earth and what not on the cliffs.

    I was thinking I could use a laptop hooked up to the projector to show the media, using one of those nifty radio transmiters a lot of people use with their ipod to transmit the sound out of the car stereo.

    The question I have for you is how can I power this contraption. If I hook it up to the car with a cigerette lighter adaptor and leave the car running how long would the power last before the battery gave out? The projector i'm guessing is going to be the biggest power drain, I was looking at a few and most of them drew around 120v, is that going to take a special hook up?

    The music usually ends around 2am and we probably wouldn't we ready till 3 or so, probably leaving 3-4 hours of darkness to project in per night. We could probably leave the computer running on battery power which could lower the power output needed and the sound really isn't that important if running the stereo is going to use up too much.

    Is using the car going to work at all or will we need a backup battery source to run everything off of. Generators are not allowed but we might be able to get away with it if its really quiet, any suggestions on a quiet generator? Maybe a battery source like
    could work if we recharge it during the day?

    Anything you guys can suggest to help me with this would be greatly appriciated.

    Thanks for your time.

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    leave your car idling, use an inverter