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Problem with M1-ATX, it could be fried

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  • Problem with M1-ATX, it could be fried

    I had my entire PC, LCD and amp installed last week. My first attempt at having it all turn on (except for the LCD) worked perfectly. When I went to plug the LCD into the M1-ATX, I ended up with the power supply smoking. I disconnected everything, took the motherboard out of the case and inspected everything. I couldn't see any physical damage to either the PSU or the motherboard but it was definately the PSU that sustained damage.

    I discovered that the LCD was wired incorrectly, the red wire was GND, the black was +12V and I had it connected thinking black was GND. Having the LCD powered off the M1-ATX connected like this must have blown the shutdown controller on the power supply because the PSU still turns the PC on and even drives the remote signal to turn the amp on. The only problem is that the timing and advanced shutdown procedure doesn't work; if I turn off the ignition, the PC completely shuts down without going through the shutdown process enabled by the PSU. I have tried adjusting the jumpers and they don't change anything; no matter what, if I turn the ignition on the PC turns on and once I turn the ignition off all power is lost.

    After having all the required periferals connected, the PC will not boot up with the LCD connected. It goes through a continuous cycle of powering on, hard powering off and turning on again without making it to the POST. If I disconnect the LCD the PC turns on as expected.

    I have learned that the M1 cannot handle powering all of my components and that the advanced shutdown procedures are now disabled/broken. I will have to power the LCD using +12V from the ignition/battery and turning it on/off manually if I simply replace the M1 with another one. I will also always have to shutdown/hibernate the PC before shutting the car off.

    Should I purchase an M2 to replace my broken M1? I think it would be the simplest way to get the advanced shutdown operation back and be able to power everything from the PC.

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    Yeah, your M1ATX is likely screwed. Honestly, I'm surprised your LCD isn't screwed, too.

    The M-series PSUs are known to go up in smoke when you overload them. Search the forums for other members who have had the same or similar issues with theirs.

    Should you get an M2ATX? That's up to you. There are other PSU options out there that, in my opinion are far superior to the M-series PSUs. I'm partial to the DSATX, but it's not the only fish in the proverbial pond.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I guess I should have said that the in-line fuse for the LCD blew the second time I tried connecting it, must have been what saved it.

      I guess then, does the DSATX fit in the ampie case? I think I may be stuck using the M1 or M2if I need it to mount inside this case.


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        I don't believe it does, at leat not without modification. There is no standardized dimennsions for the DC-DC power supplies.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          I think I will be buying a M2 then. I read all about the problems people were having with the M1 and M2 before I bought my M1 (used) and still went ahead and purchased it. I will still purchase a M2 as well because the problem I had with the M1 was entirely my fault and it worked exactly the way it should until I connected my LCD incorrectly.

          Anyone want to buy a M1 without a functioning startup/shutdown controller?


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            IMHO don't buy an M series ( although i advise you to get a BMW M series)
            seriously it is not your fault. untill you finish your carpc (which you will never finish by the way..) you will make many mistakes.. that is why there are fuses and protections on good PSU..
            -thermal protection
            -overload protection
            the M1 and M2 don't have any while the DSATX has both + many other things..
            good luck


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              Well I just hate the idea of having an external PSU when I have such a nice, compact case (Ampie). The fact that my M1 still works as a power supply albeit without the startup/shutdown controller and that it powered up perfectly the first time I turned the key makes me believe it works OK. It was my fault that I improperly connected the LCD; the PSU was not overloaded or overheated.

              Also, spending about three times the cost of another M1 (which I believe I will buy again) on a DSATX also doesn't sit well with me. The DSATX seems to be overkill while the M1 operates well as long as it is installed and utilized correctly.

              The only devices I will be connecting are:

              Epia SP13000
              Dynamix/LinITX 7" touchscreen
              USB hub - 4 port
              USB Wifi
              USB Bluetooth
              USB GPS
              Slimline DVD-RW

              This does not even come close to the maximum operating limits of the M1 let along the M2 OR the DSATX.