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Invertor problem - plz help!

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  • Invertor problem - plz help!

    Hi fellow CarPC builders,

    I have a problem. I am a proud owner of a Opel Astra GSi (GM in Europe).

    I want to build a Playstation2 in my car. I installed a Likko 5,6" screen in my car and it works fine (connected to the acc power supply of my car). But my invertor keeps getting damaged/broken after I played about 10 min on my PS2.

    The invertor is a 150W model, and its + is connected direcly to my upgraded Varta car battery. The - of the invertor is grounded to the cars body/chassis). I put a spark plug between the + cable going to my car battery.

    I spend many hours pounding about what went wrong, till I met a friend which had a much thicker + cable (I think you call this a heavier guage wire) first going from his carstereoamp to his car battery. I included a photo of the + cable which is connected to my car's battery, maybe you can say this cable is sufficent for a invertor or maybe it is too thin; so I need a better cable? Which number of guage wire do you guys prefer? Does a higher guage number mean that the cable is thicker/thinner and does this mean it is a better cable?

    -> Which number of guage do you recommend? I believe the cable I use now is 4 or 6.

    I hope you guys can understand my bad english, it's not my first language (sorry ) I hope you can give me some good advice, because I know for sure the way that all the wires are placed correcly. Thanks.

    Erik Molenaar

    The Netherlands/Holland

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    Re: Invertor problem - plz help!

    the lower gauge is the THICKER wire.....

    when you say 'spark plug' i think you mean a 'fuse'?

    I couldnt see a PS2 needing more than a 150W inverter.... so I would give the thicker cable a shot.... and really the thicker the better.... since then u have a wiring setup for later upgrades, like amps, mp3car system computers, etc...

    and make sure your ground wire back to the chassis is the same gauge as the positive wire too , otherwise it defeats the purpose....
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      Heavier Gauge...Wouldn't HURT!

      You have already probably checked these things out....

      but this is what I would do...

      1. Check to see what the Sony playstation2's specifications are.
      79 watts is the ps2, how much is the monitor and what are the amps... how many amps can your inverter handle. Mine is a 750 watts...and can handle up to 7 amps.

      2. I would check all of the connections making sure that I have a solid positive connection as well as a VERY good ground....(meaning is you need to do some sanding to get to some good clean metal). And use a good tight screw to fix it to the car.

      3. Check your connections to the inverter as well.
      Making sure that the isn't ANY bare wire from any connection...otherwise you can mess up a lot of thing on your car!

      4. Use heavier gauge wire.

      5. If all fails purchase a hire quality inverter.

      I bought a cheap 200 watt one, and it blows goats... I also have a 400 watt one and it handles a laptop and a box fan at the same time without any prob....

      good luck and may the force be with you!