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Wiring ign and power button

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  • Wiring ign and power button

    I am sure this has been asked many times, but i cannot seem to find it when i search. For now the carputer goes on and off with the ignition, but i would also like to add an external power button so i can shut it off ( and back on )while driving or turn it on without the ignition being on. How do i wire this?

    The button is of the kind that will only let power through while pushed and held down so by pressing it quickly it will send a pulse or signal. PSU is M1-ATX.

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    Well, a valet switch on the line going to the aCC terminal will allow you to power it on and off while driving. It won't give you the ability to run the PC with the ignition off, but a simple workaround would be to leave your key in the ignition. :|

    What you're looking for \requires some rudementary logic. You might be able to pull something off with a dual-switch or relay setup, but I'm not certain how to pull it off. Someone else might.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Do what I did. Use the secondary power switch connector on the M1 and connect a DPST Momentary N/O switch (Double Pole, Single Throw Normally Open.) This is very handy. I have one installed on my console and, when the M2 shuts all the rails because of heat, I wait a couple of minutes and turn it back on using this switch while still driving. Remember that one of the connectors go to your MoBo and the other goes to the switch in the dash. Normally, this would go to the disconnected switch on the case.


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        To accomplish what you are asking just do what Maddominican suggested. Hook the old case switch up to the secondary power switch terminal on the M1. If however you want the computer to stay on after you have turned off the car, without the pain of turning it back on after it shuts down, then you need to do what Darque was advising. It's not too hard, what you need is a dpdt(double pole double throw) switch to hook to the accessory line that feeds the M1. One pole is hooked up to the acc line and the other is hooked to a 12v source that stays on when you turn off the ignition. that way if you want the computer to stay on, you just flip the switch to the right position and the M1 will never know the car was turned off. It would look something like this:

        acc(normal mode)/off(computer won't turn on at all)/always on.