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Newbie Carnetix p2140 - SX260 Question

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  • Newbie Carnetix p2140 - SX260 Question

    Sorry for the longish newbie post.

    But after reading the threads on here I decided to go with a Dell SX260 and the Carnetix p2140 setup instead of the Laptop that I had handy.

    I've read all the threads on this but cannot get the following setup to work:

    p2140 Input

    2x Red - Positive Live via a fuse
    2x Black - Ground
    Yellow - Ignition

    p2140 Output

    Pri Red - Red & Brown cables on SX260 lead (12v)
    Pri Black - Black & White cables on SX260 lead (Ground)
    Sec Red - Red on Touchscreen (12v)
    Sec Black - Black on Touchscreen (Ground )

    Now when I connect the input and output connectors to the p2140, I dont get any led display. So I have checked the connections with a Voltage Test Light and found that the two input reds were fine, the connection between the p2140 and SX260 lead had no power. However when I tested that connection it seemed to make a circuit and the led display flashed.

    Anyone have any ideas what is wrong.



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    Any ideas anyone?


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        Originally posted by dw_uk2000 View Post
        Would really need more detail on the connections. a Simple diagram made in MS Visio, MS paint or any program could help elaborate. Or pictures.

        You say you're getting no red led power inside the carnetix? If so somethings off with your jumpers.

        Does your sx260 run at 12v? How many amps does it draw (look at the power brick for the sx260)

        You could be attempting drawing too much power at 12v thus overloading it. The lower the voltage the more power(amperage) hungry devices tend to be when talking about complicated electronics.

        What is the Dell SX260? Is it a PC or laptop, if its a PC with it's own powersupply then connecting the outputs from the 2140 is completely wrong. If it is a desktop IE an optiplex then it expects 110v AC voltage not DC.

        The Carnetix 2140 isn't properly suited to power a normal computer as they require multiple voltages via a mATX power connector on the motherboard.(12v+, 5v+, 3.3v+, -12v, -3.3v and potentially more) Then again if the SX260 is a special micro based setup it might accept dc via a wallwart. But I doubt it.
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