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Opus 90W not cutting power even w/o jumper

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  • Opus 90W not cutting power even w/o jumper

    I'm not quite sure what to try next here. I have an older 90W opus which has the jumper that supposedly, if removed, will cut *all* power to the mobo upon shutdown. I'm not sure why, but even with this jumper removed, my USB devices are still remaining lit (GPS mouse, webcam, etc.) I tried cutting the power to the Opus and then putting it back in case the PSU needed to be "reset" for the jumper removal to be detected, but that doesn't seem to have helped. I wouldn't think BIOS or the like should matter since this feature should be strictly controlled at the PSU level.... I drained my battery testing stuff tonight so I will play more with it once I get it jumped tomorrow but anyway...any ideas?


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    Anybody? Opussolutions didn't even write me back...