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  • Remote Starting of Inverter

    Hello Folks,

    I just found this website today and got thinking about a remote starter for an inverter which I want to install on my 2007 Nissan Sentra Model S.

    I have been toying with some of the ideas posted on this website and would like some opinions on the following idea:

    I currently have a remote starter on my car good for about 500 feet. I am upgrading to a remote start via phone call to a satellite system to allow me to start the car from anywhere since my car is parked further than 500 feet during the day. This will be installed from my Nissan Dealer.

    The reason most people want a remote starter for thier cars is 1) Start the car to cool it in summer time and 2) heat it during the winter time prior to getting into it.

    My concern is the latter of the two. Currently here in the Northeast it gets cold enough for a car (gas or diesel) that it wears on the engine components. I have read numerous articles on initial start wear on car engines and would like to avoid it if possible (not to mention having a warm engine when I start to drive).

    Oil Precharger

    I have looked at remote starters that utilize the car's/truck's fuel system and battery to pre-warm the vehicle. However, these units go for over $2000 and generally are not geared towards smaller cars. None of the dealers have contacted me back with regards to the Blue Heat and Espar (can't be bothered?)

    Fun Facts:

    Engine block heaters using gas/diesel (expensive)

    Engine block heaters for diesel:

    Example of engine block heater for RSX:

    Tank Heaters (that could hook up to inverter and are cheap):

    Strip and Magnetic heaters (not as efficient and only warm oil pan not coolant):

    As a matter of fact anti idleing laws have come into effect in many states thus creating a need for these units on 18 wheeler trucks.

    I would prefer the Tank Heaters and would like to utilize my remote start instead of starting the car but to remotely turn on the inverter and utilze the simple tank heaters from JC Whitney.

    I see that there are some wiring diagrams that work towards this including hooking up duel batteries to minimize drain on the main battery:

    Some of the newer inverters have remote start but again the distance would be an issue for me (at least leaving work).

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Perhaps I am over analyzing.

    The Meltdownman

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    never heard of the fone call system.. you got a link where you could buy this, thats sweet..
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      Originally posted by Mikeyd08 View Post
      never heard of the fone call system.. you got a link where you could buy this, thats sweet..
      Audiovox has had this for a long time. The CL-100 or something. CL standing for CarLink. Satellite phone system.

      As for the engine heater, it will be cheaper to sell your car and buy the same one with a factory heater.

      All the cars we had in Canada and pretty much everyone I have ever seen up there come with a plug under the engine for the heater block. So I am sure you can buy your car's version up there with a heater and bring it down to the US.

      Canadian emmision and safety standards are much more vigorous than those in the US, so it is much easier to import from Canada to the US, than the opposite.
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        Originally posted by Mikeyd08 View Post
        never heard of the fone call system.. you got a link where you could buy this, thats sweet..

        I am having it installed this Friday and will give you more details after it is installed. I want to make sure that the bugs are out of it before I hear complaints.....

        As far as selling my car....not gonna happen....besides there are all kinds of things you can use an inverter for....just got to use the other half of my brain....I just saw a grill being adevertised that can be attached to the 2 inch draw-tite hitch system while taking a **** at the Yankees game. Dam thing swings out of the way of the vehicle when you want to cook. Everyone was commenting on it! Great for tailgate parties! I could be retired right now for worrying too much about my present job and not thinking about **** like this!

        The Meltdownman