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M2-ATX hard shut down everytime Please help

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  • M2-ATX hard shut down everytime Please help

    Installed my pc yesterday and have read everything about the M2 I could find and still can’t understand why the hard shut down right after I turn the key off. I’m hoping some one can point out something simple I over looked and make me look like an idiot.

    System setup
    Voom pc 2 Case
    Jetway C7, PCMCIA, 1gig DDR2, 160gig 2.5 Sata, Slot load DVD, 8 Gig CF
    Running Windows XPpro & Centerfuse.

    Regarding the wiring (I’ve check it 3 times and had my buddy check it also)

    The following numbers come from the plug that connects to the PSU
    Power from battery with engine off is 11.2
    Power from battery with engine on is 13.4

    Power from ignition source with engine off is 1.3
    Power from ignition source with engine on is 13.4

    I have the rmt going to two amps. (works just fine)

    I’ve tried a few Jumper setting on M2-ATX it currently on mode 7 with jumpers on A,B and C and J8 is connect to the power switch on the MB.

    The MB has ACPI enabled with a 4 second delay.

    The power setting in windows is
    Hibernate enabled. And there is a total of 2.5 gigs of free space and only 948 required to Hibernate.
    When I press the power switch button on my computer. The action is Hibernate.

    Please help because this hard shut down is going to drive me nuts.


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    Have you checked the gauge (thickness) of the wire from the battery to the M2-ATX? The ticker the wire, the better; Also, heat plays a major role along with the compsumption (try to disconnect one of the drives, mainly the HDD) I have no doubt in my mind that this is the best DC-DC PSU because, yesterday, it was pouring here, and I forgot to lock the rear gate on my SUV and the PSU got wet. It was only powering the 5V rail. Took the unit out and dried it with a blow-drier, waited about 1 hour and VOILA! the unit was gain in tip-top shape!

    Good luck!


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      if you hard shut down you got a wire reverse on your m2-atx, or either that you car is not supplying a ignition source for your pc. Seem like it just going pure power.


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        I believe the M2 is designed to hard shut when the battery falls below 11.5. Since your voltage drops below that when the car is off, that might be the cause.

        Also, check to make sure the ignition source is actually on the M2 at the ignition contact, and not the constant contact, and vice versa.

        The other thing is, you need an ignition source that goes TO 0, and not 1.3, when the car is off. That small voltage may be keeping your M2 powered, until the voltage drops to the point that it hard off's because the M2 is drawing 10 amps of power while the car is not running.

        Try just disconnecting the ignition wire from the M2 while the car is running(simulating the loss of the ignition signal, which should cause the M2 to shutdown the computer as you set it up in ACPI) and then reconnecting it after to see if it hibernates or hard off's

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