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Negative Voltages: are they bypassable?

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  • Negative Voltages: are they bypassable?

    I am building my own mp3 player, and I am opting to use linear voltage regulators as I find the cost of inverter solutions too high.

    My player is an old p1-75mhz with 4MB of ram and a 1gig drive for storage. It works well on my benchtop but I am now starting the move over to my car (1982 ;-) Daihatsu Charade ETX hatchback).

    The power needs are minimal, 3A on 5V, 1A on 12V so there will be minimal heat emitted from the positive regulators.
    ~20-50ma on -5V & -12V, it appears the motherboard is doing something with the negative voltages but I don't know what.

    I can't get the motherboard to boot without the -5V & -12V lines. Can some one tell me how to create -12V from +12V so I can feed it to a 7912 & 7905 regulator pair. Preferably using cheap, available, common components.

    Thanks in advance!

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    A search should yeild a "real" answer, but the short answer is that there are no cheap and easy ways to do it. You will need to build a DC-DC converter to provide those voltages, or buy something from
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