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  • chargerunit or;-)

    Hi, my english is not the best, pleas forgive me...
    I am on search for some circuit with which i can connect 2 car batteries to one car and when one is full, the other should going to charge...and so on..and the carputer should use the battery which is full...the engine should always load the battery, which is lower..i hope you know what i mean...

    Thanks, Stefan

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    That could turn out to be very complicated. You might be able to find something in a 4WD shop or on the net but it might be expensive.
    I think the best way to go if you are putting two batteries in the car is to use one battery for the car loads and one for the computer/audio loads. This way you can isolate the batteries when the car starts and it should not affect the computer. When the car is running, the batteries can be paralled together so the alternator can charge both. Also you can have an emergency switch so you can run the car off the second battery if you happen to leave your lights on and your main battery goes flat.
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      I've read that it is easy to wire using a solenoid and a switch. but I;ve never done it so I dont want to give you bad information.

      People with high watt car stereos do it all the time. Maybe you can find a shop local that would give you a wire diagram at least.


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        Ok, thanks for your first opinion...I´m going on search, maybe i find something and then i will post it..The problem is not, that i use 2 batteries, the problem is, that i have to charge both an the car isn´t strong enough to charge both (VW BUG,BEETLE or from 1969..i don´t know the english word for "Käfer") at the same time..i have to have a switch..but i want to have an "intelligent switch" maybe i have to write a little programm and make it with a pic controller or something..thanks......When you have another ideas, please post it..


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          A bigger alternator should do the trick... Problem is, im not sure how easy that would be considering its a beetle.

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            Or, an alternator AT ALL would help. I believe that these cars came with dynamo's to produce charge, these produce a DC output at a far lower current than an Alternator. I believe that a lot of garages over the years have upgraded these cars to use Alternators because they are far more efficient. Speak to a local mechanic about the possibility of fitting one.
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