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finally got to overload my DSATX

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  • finally got to overload my DSATX

    i finally got to overload my DSATX
    my carpc,
    Micro ATX motherboard
    AMD Sempron 2800+ CPU
    160 GB (3,5 in) hard disk
    Creative Audigy Sound Card + the onboard sound card (i am using both)
    Cinergy 600 TV card +Radio
    WIFI pci card
    BU-353 GPS mouse
    Blaupunkt remote control
    Bluetooth dongle
    Normal size DVD-ROM
    3 big FANS
    temperature sensors
    Powered USB hub

    wow...see what i mean..that is why i recommend was running very stable untill i connected the powerd hub (damn 1 amp)it sort of hangs now when the CPU gets really busy and draws more power i will probably run the hub unpowered for now..

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    Are you using both sound card at once? I havent' tested it out yet, but has anyone been able to use there sound card for different function. like the rear seat for headphone when watching a movie while music is playing on all the speaker in the car?


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      sure you can set a software to use a specific soundcard (if the software has a setting like that - winamp has it in the direct sound settings) so you can set winamp to use one card and powerDVD to use another..or if the software does not have these setting then it uses the card that is set as Default in control you can change the default card in that case

      I am using one card for playback and the other one for recording using the line-in plugin (RoadRunner)..