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Carnetix P2140 Standy issue

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  • Carnetix P2140 Standy issue


    I'm having an issue with standby my motherboard supports S3 standby(it is set in the bios) windows is set to standby when power button is press and standyby is set in the p2140 jumper settings.

    When the ignition is turned off the PC will go into standy and resume from standby if turned off for a few minutes. If I wait sever hours and turn ignition key the PC appears to have shutdown and the PC starts windows normally not from standby.

    Note I have the Monitor set to shutdown with ignition the usb devices connected are gps antena, wifi antena wireless keyboard transmitter, usb hub.

    The LO_BAT is set to 11.8 and I'm using an optima yellow top battery.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Okay I figured out what the issue was I connected a laptop to the 2140 and monitored it as it went into standby.

    The issue was with heat I watched as the temperature hit 60c (which shuts down the 2140) the 2140 went from standby into idle. I guess living in South Florida standby is not an option during the summer months.

    Note the power draw was about 5 watts when in standby
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