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3 Very newbish power questions

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  • 3 Very newbish power questions

    #1) Are an "ignition" and "ACC" line the same thing?

    #2) I understand that ACC means that it only receives 12V when the ignition is switch to the on position. Can someone explain to me why a device would want both 12V from the battery and ACC?

    #3) If I plan to tap an ignition line from my cigarete lighter for my Carnetix, is this just as simple as splicing into the ignition wire and connecting it?

  • #2 in all cars

    2.Cus probably your PSU have a shutdown controller so it needs to receive signal that you turn the key on\off to send the pulse to the jumper in the MOBO.

    3.Don't do it from the cigarette lighter cable, do it form the key cylinder (yes is as simple as just splicing the cable *maybe some soldering is in order*)

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