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  • dell sx260 power supply chat

    So I read the write up on this, but have a few questions:

    We know that this pc uses 12v at 12amps.
    What is wrong w/o using a dsx12v and just using the following:
    8gauge wire
    20amp relay
    switch and wired directly to the battery.

    The relay and thick wire could handle the current, so what is the dsx12v needed for?

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    The power from the battery is not regulated and will spike while driving the car (some due to the alternator). This would cause your PC to be unstable. You should get random crashes and other wierd issues running on a non-regulated line. I'm sure someone with more of an electrical background could give you a more accurate response.
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      Oh, now that makes sense. I have been searching for hours and nobody has posted any problems with going directly to the battery.

      So should I go with carnetix or just a regular power supply from mp3 store?


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        you can go with any power supply from mp3store they all regulate the power from the batter, just make sure the power supply has enough Wattage to power everything youre planning on running


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          I need a something that is good for this mb and if I upgrade soon will support that one as well. I want a controller (because I dont want buttons inside) that works off the ignition, a voltage regulator. Basically an all-in-one for this mb as well as a jetway later on when I change up my setup.
          Would the dsx12vd suit this for me?
          In the general description it states it will include a starup/shutdown controller, but in the actual description after you click on it, it doesn't say that at all.


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            The DSX12VD does have startup and shutdown. The DSX12V doesn't.

            I'll reply to your PM.