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DSX12VD or P2140 or Neither?

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  • DSX12VD or P2140 or Neither?

    I have a dell sx260 and a indash flip up screen. I'm weighing out my choices right now. Since the desktop is a 12v @ 12.5a I "think" I've narrowed down my choices to the dsx12vd or the p2140

    1)Would the dsx12vd suit my needs for my desktop? (gps, dvd, usb, wifi etc)

    2)Does the dsx12vd get wired to ignition or just constant power?

    3)Is the p2140 a better choice? Is the extra $55 more worth it to power up and shutdown on it's own?

    4)Couldn't I just wire up my desktop to my in-dash so that when the dash powers on the pc powers up (and same for powering off)

    I'm looking to order today, so any help is appreciated.