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Opus 150 5V mod ?

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  • Opus 150 5V mod ?

    Iím trying to get a carputer together and in an effort to save a few $ I bought an opus 150 used with the 5v mod already done.

    My problem is that I just donít get exactly how the mod was done and what I need to do to get the PS to work. I assume that the person I bought it from used the mod in this post

    Iíve read though the thread several times but Iím missing something.

    Iím guessing that I need to hook the blue cable up to something but I just donít know what. Could someone please help me and point me in the right direction.

    Here is a picture of the ATX cable if it helps

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    I'm guessing the blue cable is ground. Where did you buy the mod from?
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      Originally posted by BRow86 View Post
      I'm guessing the blue cable is ground. Where did you buy the mod from?
      I got it from here

      I'm guessing it was done using this But i just don't know and because its power I don't want to fry my new equipment or burn down my house.



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        had to do some searchin.... havent seen this in a long while. I lost the pics for this mod, but the blue wire is not ground. if i remember right needs to be connected to the ACC wire. the same wire that turns on the opus 150. If its wired correctly, the wire turns on/off the relay that enables/diables 5vusb.
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          I built that many years ago and it has worked flawless. I have to give member "Rando" all the credit. Here is the schematics on which I built it off of. Also here is the thread. It is a couple pages deep. I am sorry I don't remember exactly where that wire went (I am getting old) but I believe the post about it is hooked up to 5 volts is correct.

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            Originally posted by calitundra View Post
            I am sorry I don't remember exactly where that wire went (I am getting old)
            I know how that goes.

            I guess I'll try to contact OPUS and see if i can get them to update the firmware with the 5v shut down so I don't have to guess.

            If they won't/can't do it. I'll hook it up to an old computer and test it by running 12v to the blue wire and see if it works.


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              Given that this was pulled from a working mod, I'd say it's a 99.9% chance the blue wire is ACC since the ACC signal is the only one that MUST be pulled external from the ATX cable. Using blue for ACC is an automotive convention -- so it looks like whomever wired that up was giving themselves a visual reminder of how it should be hooked up.

              If you're not comfortable, the wiring can be confirmed with an ohm meter.
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                Thanks for the reply.

                Using an AC to DC inverter I hooked it up to an old computer with the blue wire hooked to a 12v line (simulated acc line) and the power supply worked flawlessly.

                I hooked the opus up to an AC to DC inverter with the blue wire hooked to a simulated acc line. The power supply worked flawlessly. I tested the draw with an amp meter and found that the draw was tiny. I’m pretty sure it’s connected properly.

                The only thing that concerns me is that the Opus hisses pretty bad when it’s pulling more than 3-4 amps