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M2-ATX + USB = no boot

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  • M2-ATX + USB = no boot

    Iím Marco and I own a M2-ATX psu with the config jumper at B position (5 sec offdelay and 2 hour hardoff), this psu is perfect but when I cold start my pc (after a hardoff state), it starts only if no usb cable is plugged. If I start the pc with usb cable plugged, the system doesnít see the hd (seagate barrcauda 7200 rpm), but if I start the pc after I have unplugged usb cable, the system boot perfectly. After it boots and load the operative system, if I plug usb and turn off the system, the next boot is perfect also with usb plugged. So:

    After hardoff the system boots only if no usb is plugged, but after a normal shutdown (within the 2 hour) system boots also if the usb is plugged.

    Any suggestion to solve this problem?
    These are the spec of my sys:

    Pentium core duo mobile T2700
    Motherboard Asus nl4-vm dh
    Hd seagate barracuda 7200.10 400 GB
    Creative Extreme Music X-Fi
    At the end of the usb cable there is an active HUB powered by a 5 V Point of load (max 3A @ 5, carnetix VCNX-P5V), plugged in to that there are: touch screen, DVD drive, wireless keyboard.

    The strange thing is that the system boots perfectly if the previous state is not hardoff, this means that the power provided by the m2-atx is enough.
    Thanks for support,