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Should i use these components?

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  • Should i use these components?

    After reading all these posts and articles, I made my mind.
    i wont use a DC power supply as the wattage wont be enough for my requirements.
    im going to use a DC-AC inverter for a AC power supply.
    i was thinking of buying a Core 2 duo processor as they are fast, cheap and they only waste 65 watts.
    DDR2 ram sticks are only 5 watts, and im going to hook up with a dvd writer, 7200 rpm hdd, tv card, and i was thinking of a 250 watt or 300 watt power supply.
    only thing i need is an opinion if im doing everything right, the inverter is going to be connected to an extra 12v battery in the boot.
    its my first time im installing a carpc, and you can see im a newbie, so i just need some words, comments or general feedback from you.

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    I don't see why you'd need a 250W.
    I do know Opus makes a 250W DC-DC unit, you might want to check that out, might save you time and hassle. I am however not aware of the price of the unit currently...


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      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        thanks for that.
        im in south africa and here its dificult to get that stuff
        importing is expensive as all taxes, shiping costs, etc kill me
        any other views?
        by the way, i already calculated the CPU, and total system should be around 200 watts


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          Wait why use a 250 when you could buy a cheap 400watt AC power supply. I've killed 2 250watt power supply's with a P4 . I mean if you plan on going converter and not DC to DC it doesn't really matter that much on what power supply you use. your only going to consume what the pc needs and you dont want to use 250 if the pc may pull 260 and fry it. Use a 400 and when the pc wants 260 it will get 260. Its not like a 400 watt power supply is always using 400 watts. Its only what its capable of giving out. Hope this helps.

          p.s. you would be better off getting less power pc and going dc to dc with startup/shutdown controller. you will be happier in the end.
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            thanks again, i do want to go with dc dc and shutdown controllers but as i said its hard to find good suppliers in south africa, and to import is a no no.
            i'll go for a 360W PSU, i know where to get cheap, but now that u mention, how could i use shutdown controllers with this system im building?


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              i see that no one has replied to my post, i just need to ask one more thing:

              i do a lot of 4x4, and im afraid something happens to my pc, is there anyway i can secure it to the boot?