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  • The Power Saving Guide

    Did'nt thought my first thread here would be a link to a guide at Tom's Hardware about how to save power when using you're computer, but well, here you go.

    Guess this guide could be useful to carputers becuase of the importance of keeping a low watt usage in the car.

    Tom's Hardware - The Power Saving Guide:

    There is also a part 2 of this guide, but only on swedish:

    I did'nt find anyone posted these links, but I'm sorry if these already exists on the forum and I hope I posted this thread on the right place (If I totally screwed this up, just don't hurt me ok? )

    This forum rocks btw. I have not started modding my car yet (my dad's car actually...) but this site has have given me a lot of inspiration and ideas so far .