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Opus 120 problems?

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  • Opus 120 problems?

    here are a few issues I have discovered over using this unit for the past two years:

    - Automatic shutdown at low battery voltage failed me on more than one occasion. It has drained my battery many times. I have no clue what happened there. Nothing else in the car is on. this usually happens when i do multiple stop driving, and then rest for the night. ~12 hours later, dead batt. Its like the computer never shut off after the set 30min shutdown.

    - remote trigger for slave devices fails to power slave devices back on after resuming from an aborted shutoff countdown.

    Shut-down time out sequence seems unreliable. Example:
    You have to go to 8 different places..
    you have the opus set to shut off in 30min after ignition is off.
    if your driving for 20 minutes, and shut the car off, when you come back its still on... so you drive to the next destination, and shut off the car... however at this point when turning the car off, the computer starts shut down sequence...

    I was under the impression that if you returned before the 30 min, and ignite, the opus120 would then reset it's shutdown time out untill the next time ignition is off.

    Anyone else having these or similar issues?

    I contacted Opus about these issues and they said the board has been updated since the last time i bought one (about two years ago from this date) So im considering trying the newer versions out.

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    are you sure its the opus?

    how old is your battery?

    if you drive, ur car is running on ur alternator, and when it stops, ur battery could be almost dead and the opus might have already shut it down and because ur battery is low, ur car dies out in a few hours.

    just me .02 check ur battery or get a new one.


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      I have not had any issues with my opus 120. I can offer you some advice that my help though.
      1. The low voltage detection is configurable with jumpers. Set it to a higher voltage and you should be OK. If it is currently set to < 11.5 volts, that may not sufficient voltage to start your car.
      2. don't use the 30 minute shutdown timer. Set it for immediate (10 second) shutdown and set your computer to hibernate rather than shut down on the power button signal. It only takes my system about 5 seconds to go into hibernate and about 10 - 12 seconds to recover from hibernation, so I don't mind it happening each time I shut off the ignition, even if its only for 10 minutes. The other bonus is that my song picks up where it left off, just like a regular car CD player, instead of the album continuing to play when I am not there. Also, unlike standby, when your comptuer is in hibernation it doesn't use any more power than if you do a regular shutdown.


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        hmm yeah i shuould change battery... ive had the same batt since i bought the car 3 years ago so who knows how old it is.

        will do the 10 second shut down / hybernate. sounds like a plan!
        thanks guys!