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  • Buying MAX787

    Can anyone tell me where to order the Maxim MAX787CCK for delivery to the United States? I've seen many people reference Farnell, but they don't seem to do business over here. None of the suppliers I typically use carry the part. I requested samples from Maxim but they neither acknowledged nor shipped them. I don't mind paying for them... but where?

    I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer.

    (Oh, and having ordered Mastero's Sproggy kit, I'd much prefer to get the Maxim part rather than trying to adapt some alternative to work with the premade PCB.)

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    you can just buy them thru maxim. thats what i did. bout 5 bucks each



    • #3 or are two main distributors I use for electrical/electronic components.
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        I checked both Mouser and Digikey and didn't find the part. Am I doing something wrong?

        I've been trying to order them from Maxim, but haven't managed to do so yet. The fellow at Maxim I talked with said I should just request samples... which I have... more than once... and have received niether acknowledgement nor parts for a month or more.