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Opus 120W can I use the 4pin connector for psu?

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  • Opus 120W can I use the 4pin connector for psu?

    I have an opus 120w ps. it's a 24pin on the opus and goes out into a 20 atx and a 4 pin connector. My question is it safe to use this for a 24pin connector on a main board? It's an older 900mhz intel board and has agp which is what I really need it for so I can dump the 810chipset older intel board that sucks for music videos. plus the Newer intel board can hold more memory. So could someone help me? I've searched on the opus site and found no definite documentation on the 4 pin connector but earlier found something stating not to use it for main power. Appreciate any help thanks

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    Here's the pin-out for a 24-pin ATX power connector:

    If you'll notice the four additional pins are not merely 12v & ground, which are wht is put out by the 4-pin 12v power connector. Based on that alone, what you're proposing will not work.

    You need a 20-to-24 pin adapter. Google for them. They're pretty cheap.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      yeah Gensisfactor helped me out like an hour before I read your reply with basically the same thing I was looking for pin out's but was searching the wrong way he narrowed down the search for me. I knew of the adapters I was just hoping to splice it myself. I may just break down and buy one thanks though. for anyone else looking heres what I found for the actual pin out to confirm you can't just push the connector over and use the p4 connector. need and adapter or splice them yourself.