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What will I need in order to powering this system?

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  • What will I need in order to powering this system?

    I have been planning this project for long time but still have some difficulties in making a decision regarding to the power (how will I going to power my pc in my car ?)
    My system is as follows:

    -Car: Honda Stream (year 2002) see dash pic
    -Monitor: Xenarc 700TSV
    -CPU: P3 650mhz
    -MB: Iwill VD133
    -RAM: sdram512 133MHz (1slot)
    -GPU: GeForce 4 MX440
    -HDD: 3.5ATA \ 2.5 (future upgrade)
    -Sound Card: Creative Audigy 2 ZS
    -Extras: 5USB HUB (all 5 will be used), WIFI LAN PCI CARD

    At the beginning I thought the only option I have is a power inverter + Startup/Shutdown Controller but then someone told me I can just simply use the M2 ATX which is very comfortable to use as it has built-in Startup/Shutdown Controller.
    I am very confused now… what should I use power inverter + Startup/Shutdown Controller or the M2-ATX? (Does it compatible with my CPU\system at all???)
    Or maybe there are additional, better, possible options can be used?

    In addition, I have been looking for Honda Stream carpc project and can't find one it will also help me a lot.


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    If teh motherboard you're using is ATX compatible, then the M2ATX would do you nicely.
    If your motherboard is not ATX-compatible, then you need another solution.

    As a general rule, a DC-DC PSU (like the M2ATX) is preferrable over an inverter for a number of reasons.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Are you planning to power the LCD and USB Hub from the PC's power supply? Doe the hub even need its own power?
      Is it that it's fun? Or that it lets you forget yourself?


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        Here is the Iwill VD133 Specifications

        The LCD will be connected to the computer with vga+usb
        And the hub, don't know yet (I think I will buy one with built-in PSU).

        So what will I need?



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          Here is the VD133 Specifications
          Is the M2-ATX compatible with P3 at all?
          I have also read that I need to make sure the CPU is not getting V(core) from the 12V rail and should be on the 5V rail

          The LCD (700TSV) will be connected to the PC with VGA+USB and will be powered from the cigarette lighter port
          in fact, I don't know which way is more recommended? And what are the possibilities to power the LCD?
          I thing I will buy a hub with built in PSU…

          So what will I need?