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Boot problem after PSU install

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  • Boot problem after PSU install

    I have the m2-atx and hooked it to an old PC in my house (made sure things were right and not tear up the PC im putting in the car) but when the regular power supply was in, it booted windows and everything fine but I hook the m2-atx (in the house) according to this:

    it goes to the little screen that says "COMPAQ" and it just sits there... whats the problem?

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    What is the output of the 12v rail on the PSU you're using to power the M2ATX (in amps)?
    It may not provide enough power.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      no idea at the moment but I figured it out while I was still messin around with everything... I didnt have the DVD drive hooked up (which i dont know why it wouldnt boot) but it does now. sorry about that.... please disregard this post...


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        Boot problem after PSU install: solved (obvious...)

        yep.... everything's good now