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  • PSU Calculator

    Any one ever try this site or know how accurate it is? It could be a pretty powerful tool for getting a ball park figure on how big your PSU needs to be.

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    I use:



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      Nice, I was looking for some thing downloadable like that. Thanks a lot. I think people should really take advantage of tools like these. It could save them a lot of time, trouble and money. I was going to buy a M3-ATX because of the size but after using that calculator I found out that its not even close to enough power for my application. So Im just going to make a custom case with a power supply I already have and toss is a $50 shutdown controller.

      Eh thought you could download the pro version, guess not, still really nice though. The free version is completely fine for most users.


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        You can always sell the shutdown controller and recoup some of your investment.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          This thread brings up a valid point. I'd like to start a collection of the various power calculators that people have used and know to be somewhat reliable.

          I'd like to add this to some FAQs and stickies.

          Anyone else have any links they want to share?
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            So you think I should not go with a shutdown controller? What would you suggest instead? I already bought it but its not a big deal. Basically the way I looked at it was, I already have a few small form power supplies that are 200W+. The PSU I buy needs to be around 200 or so and I would like it to be fully programmable as far as shutdown delay times and so on. I just could not think of a reason to spend $130+ on some thing I already owned and coupled with a $50 part would do the same thing. If you can make a better point Im more than willing to listen, Im always looking to improve on my setup if I made a mistake. Thanks.

            Also I found this down loadable program, I installed it and briefly tested it and I have to say its pretty impressive. It looks like it has a lot of options and features. Unlike the site I posted this lets you select up to 11 USB devices which is ideal for the carputer user.


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              I would say that the above two links seem a little generous in their results - using the calculators, my system should need 154W . However, I've got it installed and running through a 5A fuse, so it can't be pulling more than 60W, even at bootup.