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    I have this "problem". I installed my carputer and all seems to be fine as far.
    setup: battery -> fuse (12 g) -> m2-atx -> pc, indash 7 touch, audio going out from built in motherboard directy into the factory speaker ( using cd harness built in the 7 inch dash)

    When i close the car, the pc shuts down no problamo. but I have to start the car TWICE to the pc to start, everytime!!

    Could it be a wriing problem? m2atrx? me? car?

    Also, I am having a problem with the audio there is background noises, sounds like a jet engine. whenever i drive faster the louder it gets. ... to be honest it sounds cool but I dont want it... is there anyhitng i can try to remove these background noises?


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    The background noise is a ground loop. Simple test is a ground loop isolator.

    As for the 2 time starts, can you check the voltage on the wire going into the M2, before, after start 1 and after start 2? That will help to see if the M2 is causing the problem, or if it is the wire you selected as the ignition wire.
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      thanks. I will look into the loop isolator thing today.

      As for the double start, I have used the ACC wire that goes to the cd player ( also the 7'' dash). I hope that this ACC = Ignition wire you are talking about. But I will check the Voltage before and after.

      thanks again


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        I just read the dif between ACC and IGN.

        I might got an idea what i need 2 starts to turn the PC on...

        When I turn the key to ACC, a signal is sent to the M2 ( to turn it on)
        - now car off but pc on
        then i go to IGN, that send another signal to M2 ( now to turn it off)
        - now car on but pc off
        then i go back to IGN, which in return send signal to M2 ( to turn on)
        - now car on and oc on

        i came to belive this is the case since all the electronics in the car go off when you go to IGN from ACC ( i think to save the power for cranking )

        is that why, i need to start the car twice?? or I just waisted 20 mins of my life coming up with the stupidest conclusion :-D


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          you must always check with a voltemeter to see if a wire has constant power when the ignition is in the on position, don't just assume.

          voltemeters are only 20 bucks and mine has helped me install and solve so many potential problems.

          by using a voltemeter, i was able to simply find use a mini fuse tap in under the hood (on the fused side so that both items are fused) on a fuse that only gets power when car is on.

          I didn't have to search for acc or ign wires or anything and i made a very clean connection that is wire loomed out of the fuse box and everything.


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            ok little update: the background sound is gone I used group loop isloator from TheSource 20$ ( RadioShack name in Canada). Its 99% better but I still head a buzzing sound every now and then ... but I can live with that for now.

            Back to the start issue. I didn't have time to play around and check the V on the wires. but I still need to go to ACC or IGN twice for the PC to start.

            I will check that on the weekend and come back with my findings ....

            thanks for your feedback!


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              Another thing that could be causing the buzz is how well the ground is attached to the car body (how tight) and if the point of contact for the ground is clean and free of rust, paint, grease/oil etc. I had the problem w/mine and just switched the gound to another location and.. BOOM, there it was, clean as a whistle.