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m2 atx questions..

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  • m2 atx questions..

    first off, the instructions attached state that it's not recommended setting the hard off to never but at the same time says if hard off is set to never, it is designed to save your battery and automatically shut down when the battery drops below 11.2V..

    that seems totally contradictory... ???

    My other question is about the anti thump feature. there are two pins to connect to the amps on / off .. Am I to assume that those two pins are both positive 12V since the amps only accept a 12V line in to trigger them on ..?? are there two pins for amperage reasons ?

    How do you all wake up your systems from standby or hibernate ?

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    The low power shutoff at 11.2v is meant as a backup, as not all cars will be happy to start at 11.2v. Yours may not have a problem, now, it develop a problem as your battery gets older, or it may work perfectly for you. Personally, I don't see an advantage of never going hardoff because I use hibernate and it doesn't matter if it has power or not, and any possible advantages are very small if I get in to a car that has a dead battery.

    There are two pins, a 12v and a ground if memory serves. Depending on what your amp needs to turn on. Check what it says for j6 in the manual.

    I just have my system start when I start the car. It only takes a few seconds to get music. If for some reason I want music right now, I switch to the radio or cd player.
    Yeah google!


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      ok... i found out that left is rmt and right is ground..... but why does it need a ground ? the normal remote on doesn't need a ground.... why does the m2 ?


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        The ground on the remote turn on doesn't need to be hooked up to anything if you don't need it. Most if not all amps only require 12v for remote turn on. I guess it was easier/cheaper to use the same type of jumper on the board rather than a special single pin.
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          I set mine to NEVER on the hardoff, and set to hibernate; that way, my GPS always has a lock on sat, and a couple of things that are USB powered will remain on (it's only 500mA per USB device) for a total of maybe 1.5 amps. My battery is rated @ 50amps/h with a reserve for 106 minutes if you go beyond the rated amp/h, so I can leave the thing on for, say 3 days before I need to restart the vehicle.