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+12 and ground from harness to m2-atx

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  • +12 and ground from harness to m2-atx

    I have just changed cars and I am going to install my old carputer into my new vehicle.
    I have a CANbus adapter that has 2x(+12) and 2x ground coming from it.
    Im going to use one set for the headunit and was wondering if the m2-atx would function ok if I used the other set to power it?
    Im not too bothered if it cant work but i am locating the pc under the passenger seat and the wire run would be shorter if it would work.

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    How much power can this adapter provide? It doesn't sound like something designed to supply enough power for a computer or a headunit. A standard headunit and the m2-atx should both run off automotive +12, so they don't need power conditioning or regulating by some other box that may not be up to the task of providing enough current. I'd just put in a decent power distribution setup with adequate wire sizes, fuses, etc.


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      its a pac c2r-chyna and is designed for stereo replacement but I just dont get whey they would include 2x (+12) on a stereo harness.


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        I guess I was thinking of something else when you said adapter. I don't understand enough about what a c2r-chyna does from a quick look on the web to tell if what you want to do will work. Hopefully someone else knows more than I do.

        I'm still pretty skeptical that you'd want to power your computer with it even if those are intended to supply power to something since the m2-atx will draw 13+ amps if its delivering full power so you want a good power source. If the adapter is supposed to allow you connect a head unit to it for power, then that shouldn't be a problem if they designed it for that.