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M2-atx PSU - crashes

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  • M2-atx PSU - crashes

    Just want to thank everyone on this board for providing lots of information. I learned a lot from everyone and finally have my carpc put together.

    Problem I am having is my carpc shutsdown during use like playing music and using the GPS. I have the m2 psu, the J9F jetway itx mb using 20 pin power connector instead of the 24 pin. running core 2 duo 1.6Ghz with 2GB RAM.

    I have my 8" Lilliput monitor wired to the m2 psu so when the truck is started it turns everything on.

    Can it be that having the 8" screen tied in with the psu is drawing too much power and causing the system to shutdown or hang?

    Thank for any advice.