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Xbox in car - no inverter, no dc-dc psu?

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  • Xbox in car - no inverter, no dc-dc psu?

    I want to install an xbox in the back of a denali, and connect it to the stock rear seat entertainment. I want the xbox to turn on when the lcd is turned on automatically. I do not want to use the xbox power button, ever. I dont care about the CD-Rom either.

    I lost my opus 150 when i moved, and don't feel like buying another one. Can i just use voltage regulators and stuff to take the 14.4 volts down to 12v, 5v and 3.3v respectively and connect them directly to the leads where the xbox psu would connect?

    Why do i need a dc-dc power supply? I dont care about on/off delays and power switches and auto shutdown. The xbox is softmodded, I just need the thing to turn on when it's told to by a power relay.

    Basicaly i just want to avoid using a power supply. Also, can i just connect the 3.3v standby voltage to the 3.3v lead?

    I want the xbox to behave like a dumb 12v accessory that turns on when a 12v power relay sees 12v from the stock rear entertainment.

    Is this possible? Or do i have to purchases a dc-dc psu?

    I have a spare xbox lying around im going to radioshack to get some parts. I'll post back if anything blows up.

    If anyone knows offhand if this will NOT work please let me know before i fry this xbox.