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M2-ATX 160 / OPUS 320 ATX vs AT power?

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  • M2-ATX 160 / OPUS 320 ATX vs AT power?

    A while back I purchased an M2-ATX from the store here and had some problems with it. It powered my system fine, it simply would not turn it on and off reliably.

    I spent a while in the forums with people and their conclusion was that my rig was too powerful for the 160W psu but this seemed a stretch for me. I bought an OPUS 320 though to see if that cleared up the problem.

    The OPUS acted the same way upon initial install. If I left the power switch under my manual control then the psu provided power just fine. I just couldn't get the psu to turn my machine on and off.

    On a whim I thought I remembered seeing some kind of power switch mode option in the manual so I looked and found the AT operation setting. That worked and continues to work like a champ.

    I didn't go back to look and see if the option exists on the M2-ATX because I just figured I would stick with the bigger one.

    Anybody know why this might have happened? Why do I have to put the psu in AT mode when it's an ATX motherboard?

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    The J10 jumper setting on the M2ATX adjusts the powerscheme, if I follow what you're saying here.

    I believe leaving the jumpers all open would yield the same result as what you did with the Opus.


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      Well I'll try the M2 again with that and see if it works well. If so, I may switch back to the M2 and sell the opus. I'm fairly sure that I don't need a PSU that big now.


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        For ATX mobos there are usually two settings that can be applied to the front panel power button (thus M2-ATX).

        Instant Off: Allows power off immediately upon pressing the power button. The operating system will begin an orderly shutdown as not to corrupt Windows.

        Delay 4 sec: the system powers off when the power button is pressed for more than four seconds or enters the suspend mode when pressed for less than four seconds.