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Powering the M2-ATX

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  • Powering the M2-ATX

    Hello, I'm pretty new to this carpc and I have a few questions. Greatly appreciated if you can share your input and help.

    I'm powering my carpc with the M2-ATX to my 2008 highlander.
    My question is.

    1. Anyone know where the hole on the firewall is? I can't seem to find it.

    2. How many fuse should I use? I've searched and some said 1, most said 2 and some said the safest is 4 fuses. In additona to that what AMP should the fuse be? (at the battery terminal and near the M2-ATX)

    3. What gauge cable should I use coming right off the + battery? and how about after the fuse? What gauge cable can I use for the negative?

    4. Where can I get a kit with all that material? Or do I have to buy it individually?

    Thank you

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    You can get a amp wiring kit from most auto sound or big box stores. If wired correctly, you need a fuse within 18" from the battery and the fuse at the M2 should be plenty of protection. If you want to add another fuse add a inline fuse to the ignition lead going to the M2.


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      Thank you for the reply. What gauge cable should I use? and what amp rating should the fuse be?



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        If you are only going to be using the circuit for the CPC I would use a 20 amp fuse. The M2 fuse is a 15 I think. Go bigger on the fuse if you are going to power more items. If only for CPC you can use 10 gauge but, if you are going to power anything else I would go for 8 gauge.


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          For the hole in the firewall.. just find a grommet(rubber) on the inside of the engine compartment and drill a hole. Run the wire through it to the CarPC.

          I bought an 8 gauge amp install kit off eBay.. the size of the wire was enormous so I ended up using 12 gauge wire. The 8 gauge now poweres my amp .

          You should have a fuse on every item that's wired to power as close to the battery as possible. DO NOT let the battery terminals touch though. I mounted my fuses on top of my fuse box so I wouldn't have any more problems. I currently have 2: 1 for the amp and 1 for the carputer. I will be adding another for my sub when I install it. My CarPC I think has a 20amp fuse and my amp a 25 amp I think. Whatever
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