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wanna develop own 12V PSU(some Questions)

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  • wanna develop own 12V PSU(some Questions)

    between my exams I got crazy and know I have the idea of building my own 12V Power supply for my player .

    But ther are some few questions I have o get answered before:
    - Do I really need -12V and -5 V?( If yes why and for what)
    - How much Watt's does it have to have in general and how much on each Volatge ?
    - Are there delays to respect ?( for example that 5V has to switch on after 12V or such a thing)
    -What about max tolerances for the Voltages
    - Anything other to respect ?
    - Do i really need powergood and what is it for ?
    - What about input voltage (is 8-15V enough?[just to know i didn begin planning])
    -could i drive drives and Motherboard by different PSU's (PSU circuits )

    - Any helping links FAQ's or such?

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    1. -12volts is often used for serial ports.. don't think you need -5volts

    2. 10amps @5volts
    10amps @ 3.3volts
    5amps @ 12volts
    should power a moderate system

    3. The powergood signal, which is 5volts or 3.3 for ATX (either can be used, I think) which is just a slightly delayed power on... (look at sproggys for a simple circuit to get this..)

    4. probably +-10%

    5. Efficiency....?? maybe....

    6. some older, and possibly newer mobos won't boot without it...

    7. 8-16 is the standard, but if you can covering upto 30 or so would be good (people might wanna use it in a bus or something)

    8. Sure, but why???
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      Hi just wanted to add that :
      -you need the -5V if you have soundcard with a build in amp (most do)
      -powergood can be done with a simple RC-network (check my website)

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