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  • m2ATX

    How do I ground this? do I just ground the neg from the battery to the chassis or do I have to attach a ground to the PSU itself?

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    You can run a ground wire from your battery to the m2-ATX, which is what I think is recommended. I know that for my design, I will be running a wire from my battery's negative post to a distribution block, so that all of my electrical components will have a common ground point (I know, it's overkill). Hope this helps!
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      Why not ground is on your car chasis since this is directly connected to the negative of the battery....


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        The question was more of how do I ground the m2-atx as in where do I plug the ground.

        Turns out I was missing half of the manual but I got a full copy now so I have grounded it correctly to the right port.

        I have another problem however now.

        My M2-ATX is wired to battery & grounded to chassis (both battery & m2atx itself) - I used the rear wheel well in my hatch back, is this ok? I scrubbed all the paint off and went to bare metal, however, when I turn my battery / car electrics on, I get nothing, no powering up etc. because I haven't wired in the switch, to test it I touched the battery positive with the switch terminal on the m2atx itself, still no go.

        Am I doing something wrong? Is this not a good enough grounding point?


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          It would be better to test connecting to the negative terminal on your battery to make sure the system is working first.

          Then go back to your orginal chasis ground and you will proberly find you have not grounded it to the chasis but proberly a piece of fabricated material on the chasis....

          I usually ground mine to the rear light ground point - works well for me.