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  • Gauge wire

    OK, I'm getting ready for my A2-MTX to arrive and wondering how I'm going to power the thing (using Intel DYxxx mb) , probably only going to be using 100w max.

    So I was thinking of running a 4guage wire from the positive battery terminal into car and under the seat where the carputer is going to live, however most fuse holders only seem to support fuse's of 20amps or more with 4gauge, I'm trying to place safe and have a 15amp inline fuse near the battery terminal so there is no chance the wire would melt and cause a fire risk.

    Most fuse blocks support a 4GA in and 2 x 8GA out.

    Help !!!!

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    Try digikey They list 1,393 items under "fuse holder." Maybe one is right for you. They ship promptly and have no minimum order.


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      if you re only running power to the carpc.. you dont need 4 guage at all... 8 guage will work great.. although I suggest you make sure you can run 160watts and then some on your wiring... (8 guage will handle that fine)
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        thanks, I'll use 4 guage to the fuse holder and then 8 guage through the firewall to the carputer.

        I was thinking I would play it safe with 4 guage throughout but I'll just put another fuse within the 8 guage wire as well, I hate to find its melted the wire and some sort of issue with the fuse hasnt caused it to blow.