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power question higher power psu a problem?

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  • power question higher power psu a problem?

    hi guys... is there any problem in using a higher power psu than i need?

    ie im running a 2.4ghz amdx2 processor in a micro atx board now having looked at faqs i need 110w max for processor and a bit more for 3.5" 160gb hd. i was looking at purchasing an opus 300watt dc-dc which has a 12v rail of 180 watts. this wont cause anything to malfunction will it or cause a fire? do i need to get a better matched psu? any help would be appreciated just to clear this up. and yes iv searched and read faqs but no answere thanks in advance


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    Not a problem at all.
    You have more power for upgrades.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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