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don't cha love these HELP! threads? P1900 Users flock here...

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  • don't cha love these HELP! threads? P1900 Users flock here...

    first, thanks for clicking. heh, and thanks again if you're able to help.

    so here is my power diagram:

    i turn on the car...the P1900 does it's normal startup but doesn't get to the point where the LED is continuously on and the computer is booted. the computer or the ATX power supply seemingly don't get any power.

    in the picture you can see i have a manual switch on the ATX power supply...i press that - nothing. no light from the LED that is supposed to show operation of the ATX ps. and no lights from the motherboard ON/Hard drive activity lights.

    all connections are in the correct shown...

    i guess there's two questions here - is the problem that i don't have both of the red main power wires going to the MB? or something else?

    btw, check the carPC specs on the left if you have a question as-to what i'm using.

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    First of all, the M1ATX is not an ITX power supply. There is no such thing as an ITX power supply.

    Here's a silly question...

    Why are you trying to power an M1-ATX with a Carnetix P1900?
    I think that'w where your problem lies, actually.

    I suggest taking the P1900 out of the loop. run +12v constant, +12v switched and ground directly to the M1ATX instead of through the Carnetix.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      well i want to use the P1900 so i can have one smart distribution of all the power i need...for the usb hub, and audigy...for the pc...and for the screen.


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        ok i figured out that the green wire is only for creating a short to tell the mb to turn on/ i disconnected that and split the ignition wire to go to the P1900 and the M1-ATX...and it boots. sweeeet. down side is i have an over-current condition...i have to take a peripheral off or upgrade my ps to the M2-ATX....bah! well, if anyone has this problem it's available now.

        EDIT: also i had to remove the pin jumper from the M1 to make it act as a normal power supply.


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          You could have saved youself a good bit of money by simply getting an M2ATX, DSATX or Opus 250w PSU.
          Basically, you're using the P1900 to regulate power for the M1ATX, which is unnecessary as the M1ATX does it's own regulation.

          I also question the ability of the P1900 to provide enough power for the M1ATX.... That might be the answer to your overcurrent problem.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            yeah, there are enough problems with a single car psu, why compound problems by connecting two together?

            what do you mean you want one of them to regulate usb, screens, ect? you can already do that from the m2 ATX by making your own molex connector extensions and such.


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              M1, M2, DSATX, and OPUS PSUs would all have been fine as a standalone PSU solution. There is absolutely no reason for you to have one power the other.
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                well, yea i agree with you all about getting the M2 in the first place...but i bought this equipment like a year and a half ago...maybe more. and i finally got to putting it in, i did a lot of research to see what would work with what - but didn't look into power requirements. so it was my fault i have the over current problem...

                i have to replace both the P1900 with the 2140 and the M1 with the M2.

                but the reason i used both was to make everything automated and protected. the p1900 takes care of powering everything when the battery is above the required voltage...BOTH of my usb devices (the hub and audigy2) touchscreen...and the computer. and the m1 converts the power coming from the p1900 into everything the motherboard needs.

                back when i researched. that seemed like a good idea. a year and a half ago - maybe there were better ideas but that was mine. and the only reason it doesn't work is because i didn't get beefier power parts. thanks for the help again tho.