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For poeple that looking for SDC for Inverter

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  • For poeple that looking for SDC for Inverter

    I just got this ELK-960 Delay Timer...hook it up to my inverter. Just to test the timer....I set it to about 10sec just to see if it turns the inverter off after I turn off the key. And it did. It's easy to hook up. It will turn on the in inverter when you turn on the car. So I’m going to buy another one to delay the start up time.

    This is how you hook it up. Hope this help ppl that have inverters.

    JP1-is your sec's or min's
    JP2-set to 1-shot
    JP3-set to begin
    JP4-Trigger Node set to A
    JP5-Trigger Polarity set to +

    + All Ways HOT
    _ Ground

    TGR-To Key switch

    N/O and COM To the inverter. If you have a switch up front to turn on and off the inverter.