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My problem with the M1 ATX PSU

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  • My problem with the M1 ATX PSU

    I just bought Voom-2 Bundle (VoomPC-2, Jetway 1.5Ghz Mainboard, M1-ATX) connected everything by the book but nothing happens. It seemes that the M1 doesnt give a signal to the m/b. When I disconnect the J6 and manually push button down only the CPU fans starts but den computer doesnt boot. Tried with several powersources as well as a 12V lead battery. Same same. The computer seemes to work perfect with a normal ATX powersource. So...

    After some thinking, research and testing I found out that my M1 works but. I tested the output of the M1 and found that all the supply rails was working alright after setting PS_ON low. Despite good supply rails 3.3, 5 and 12 volt the M1 PSU doesn't give the motherboard a PWR_OK signal. Grey cable is low and should be high. Hence the motherboard don't start. Forcing the PWR_OK signal high = 5 Volts makes the M/B spinning like a cat. What could my problem be? I figure that it it is something about the function of the PIC16F819.

    Any ideas ???


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    try this

    See if this helps any:


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      I figure

      I think the funktion of the M1 (or the M/B itself) gives a signal PS_ON.
      The M1 tests the supplies and signals if the power is ok and gives the M/B the signal PWR_OK high in this case +5V.

      The M1 has also a function that it gives the M/B a push button signal to give the M/B the first signal to start up. This butten i think it is jmp6 on the M1 doesn function either.

      So in my case I have to. Set power to the M1. Turn ignition switch on. The M/B green LED lights. Then I have to manually press button on the M/B (as the M1 doesnt do this, lazy biiiii....). Then the fan starts to spin but nothing else. Then I manually put grey lead (PWR_OK) high=5V. M/B beeps and starts und runs perfectly.

      But i dont think it is cause the 5VSB signal.



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        Intelligent power supply?

        At least that's what they say anyway. My M1 may actually be intelligent, because it really has me scratching my head. I have the same problem as a few others here and I did read the thread here, but I lack the technical expertise as to how to make the insight useful. All I'm trying to do is what it was supposed to do and that is as follows:

        Start car,
        PS waits 5 seconds,
        PS powers carputer,
        carputer runs,
        turn off car,
        PS waits 5 seconds,
        shuts down carputer.

        Having to cut and restore the power to J11 after the car is running to start the carputer feels really dumb to me. That's like the primary feature of this PS.

        If the problem is one of being out of sync with the ignition as in this post here how does one get it back in sync? I'm getting pretty frustrated here. Any help on or off line would be greatly appreciated.
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